Why Arizona Event Catering for your Val Vista Lakes Wedding?

It could be the custom menus and good pricing that we put together specifically for this venue. It could also be that we prepare everything from scratch using quality ingredients purchased and prepared just for your event. Or maybe that we assemble everything on site only using our commercial kitchen for the actual prep and cooking which assures the quality will be as close to straight-from-kitchen-to-table as possible. It could also be that we own Portable Pubs, LLC ., a full service bar/cocktail service. This allows you to package two big portions of your wedding with one company making things easier and more affordable. Or….it could also be that owner/executive chef Christopher has been a resident of the Val Vista Lakes since 1995 and loves this facility as well as the community.

Start by finding the perfect menu for your reception, then call or email us for a quote based on your guest count and additional services. For additional menus & packages visit our packages page here…