Breakfast Catering

It doesn't have to be Monday morning, to have a case of "the Monday's." In fact, Friday mornings are the most common day of the week to wake and celebrate the team with a chef prepared breakfast from our team. We even offer discounts on signed agreements for a weekly delivery in quarterly intervals. Come talk to us and schedule a tasting with our chefs and let the food speak for itself. 

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Simple delivery only menus

The hard at work have little time for much more than their prime directive......and breakfast. These menus are affordable, delivery only menus with your basic breakfast packages everyone has come to know and love over the years. They can be delivered buffet style, or boxed for those who must push through work as they eat. 

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Full service breakfast stations

From omelette stations to crepes built to order in a variety of savory and sweet combinations, full service breakfast catering is great for special gatherings or company goal celebrations. Tried and true menus we developed while catering three mornings a week for the corporate offices of PF Changs. They are a fun way to start your special event. 

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Bagels and coffee

There are thousands of different options for breakfast as we all know. There is one that is not only simple, but so very much loved by almost everyone....