Holiday Specials!

Menus starting at 10.00 per guest! don't hesitate, specials for a limited time only. Read our Yelp reviews here.... 

Holidays are a time to give and in some cases, pay it forward, which is exactly what we are going to do this year. For every company that books our catering service, you will be sponsoring a day worth of volunteer labor by Chef Chris himself at The Midwest Food Bank in Gilbert, AZ.  Your business will be advertised (by request) with tagging on our social media the day the chef volunteers on behalf of your company.  


Holiday Dinner Specials 2019 

Valentines menus are……..well, coming soon :)


Heavy Apps & Full Bar Service

This popular package we call Flapper Jane and the Backyard boys is great for any event, including your holiday party.  Butler passed hors d'oeuvres, full bar service, entertainment platter, two non alcoholic beverages made in house. (this menu requires a quote custom to your event.) A free phone consult and a full quote emailed within 1 hour. 


Full Service Cocktail Catering

Portable Pubs Craft Cocktail Catering is our sister company and we have something new this year as we've gone craft. Meaning, we make our own recipes, our own line of products such as bitters, liqueurs, and juices. We have classic bartending services matching industry standard that we've been serving since 2006, and a whole lot of new and awesome stuff. Come check out the website and menus!