Holiday Celebrations

The holidays are a special time to bring your team, your family or your community together and nothing completes these gatherings better than a hot meal from a team of well experienced professional chefs. Our menus were specially created to offer a culinary presentation along with options to suit the taste of each individual guest at a price that is competitive in our market. All of our dishes are made from scratch including all sauces and dressings. 

Most Popular Stations & New Menus - 2017

Fall catering menus phoenix gilbert arizona.jpg

Newest Fall Menus -2017

Roasted Beef & Chicken Carving - Dueling Stations

The classics! two carving stations built into a full service buffet with 3 culinary specialists carving to order, topping with your choice of available sauce/topping options. Most popular menu of 2017! 


Pasta & Chicken - Hybrid buffet/chef manned station

Chef manned pasta station with choice of 2 types of pasta, 3 sauce choices including a stationary chicken entree of your choice, sides and dinner salad with 2 homemade dressings. Or switch the chef manned station to a chicken dish with 2 sauce choices and a stationary pasta entree of choice, dinner salad with 2 homemade dressings. 

View both menus in full below! 

Pasta Station & Chicken   -   Chicken Station & Pasta   -    Pasta Station


New Entrees - (Plated or buffet option)

This list of dishes are new for the 2017/2018 season and can be done buffet or plated. Start out with one entree or choose two or more. All menus served with sides and salad. Call for a menu consult and pricing specific to your event. 

Cocktail Hors D'Oeuvres

For the hors d'oeuvre only casual event! Full service or drop off available.