Italian Pasta Station For Your Holiday Party!

One of our most popular buffets is our pasta build station. Let your guests choose from one of three pasta types which is then passed on to our second culinary assistant who will toss their pasta with one of three condiment choices! Next, we pass it on to the executive chef who will finish/garnish your dish. It's an affordable and fun way to give your guests multiple choices prepared fresh by our culinary team and executive Chef Chris who specializes in Italian cuisine.

Only available in full service catering. Bar services available as well! Come see the menu and get a quote and menu consultation by calling us now. 480-420-4040.

View Menu Here

Pricing starts at 10.00 per guest and varies depending on guest count. 

Holiday Catering Specials!

Corporate & private party catering with us during the holiday season is simple and delicious! Foods made entirely from scratch using fresh ingredients and various menus to choose from such as our Italian, BBQ & classic hearty menus which skip the illusion of perceived value and give real value by using high quality ingredients, preparing everything fresh in our commercial kitchen, and always sending your meal immediately from our ovens to your home or business. 

We provide full service or drop off service with menus for all budgets. We also provide holiday hors d'oeuvres for your more casual event. Call us now for a quote! 

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Summer Catering Specials

Summertime in Arizona is just about as hot as the vine on our newest BBQ menus brought to you by decorated pit master Chef Jason & Chef Christopher of Arizona Event Catering. So, we've put together a few classic catering dishes and lowered the prices through August, solidified our newest smokery menu and combined the two for one hot deal on catering for any type of small or large event & lunch order. 

We deliver & we can provide full service catering for special events. Come take a look at this menu and call us today! 

Summer BBQ by the pound! (order now!)

Pit master Chef Jason and I put on some food tents recently at an apartment complex and we thank everyone who came out from our fans list and residents of Vista Montana apartments. This was a new and fun adventure for Arizona Event Catering and we will continue to put these on from time to time in various places which we will let everyone know well in advance. 

However......we do have some good news for those who did not get to come on out. We are getting ready to smoke, braise, and prepare some of this amazing beef brisket, pulled pork and chicken for "by the pound" ordering and delivery to your home party or company event. 

For delivery only! Call for full service pricing. 5lb minimum order (CALL 480-420-4040 ext2)

  • Beef brisket with house chipotle bourbon BBQ sauce - 15.00 per pound 
  • Pulled pork served with our house pineapple rum BBQ sauce - 12.00 per pound 
  • Pulled chicken served with our house applewood smoked BBQ sauce - 10.00 per pound
  • Baby back ribs with hickory smoked house BBQ - 17.00 per rack (10 rack minimum)


  • House green and red cole slaw with currants & variety bell peppers - 20.00 (serves 10)
  • Applewood bacon baked beans with house BBQ sauce - 22.00 (serves 10)
  • Grilled corn on the cob with butter & paprika on a bamboo stick - 20.00 (10 halves)
  • Grilled asparagus 22.00 (serves 10) 

BBQ THIS SATURDAY! Vista Montana Apts in Gilbert, AZ

So, we did a BBQ food tent a couple of weeks ago and it went very well and so we decided to do it again. This saturday 1pm - 6:30pm at Vista Montana Apartments in the Val Vista Lakes (3225 E. Baseline Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85234). 

"The beef brisket was absolutely amazing! The best I've ever had."

Chef Christopher and Chef Jason will be setting up our food tent near the office and serving up some gourmet BBQ with house made sauces and meats smoked slowly using applewood and cherry woods. Come by and check it out! (DOWNLOAD THE MENU HERE)

Thank you to our Brides & Grooms

As wedding season comes to a slow we've brushed off the dust and sat in front of the highlight reel of our 10th year in the wedding catering business. Now summer is upon us and a great time to go through and develop new menus and fun stuff to do for next year as well as look at the previous weddings and see where we could have done better. All fun stuff to do as a business owner and absolutely necessary in becoming a better company.

However, this year something really hit me to the core about this season that I may have noticed in previous seasons, but not to this degree. We had so many special couples this year with amazing stories of love that showed in every moment we spent with them prior to their weddings, and certainty shined at the wedding as well. I don't know if we just got super lucky this year or if there is something in the air but it was an inspiration to be a part of and watch them from the planning process to joining families together in such a way that I felt compelled to write about this. Hopefully this is a sign for more successful marriages for the years to come! 

As the executive chef and owner of Arizona Event Catering, I wanted to personally thank you for not only choosing us to be a part of your special day, I also wanted to thank you for the personal notes to me and my team of appreciation, for the inspiration I personally took from watching two individuals so in love, join each other for a life we wish nothing more than absolute happiness and longevity. 

Chef Christopher
Arizona Event Catering


Download the menu below!

Come join Chef Chris and BBQ Chef Jason Shaw for some gourmet BBQ and snacks at The Vista Montana Apts (3225 E. Baseline Rd. Gilbert, AZ 85234), on Thursday, April 28th, 2016 between 4pm and 7pm. 

We will be slow smoking Beef, Pork and Chicken with a variety of different wood chips then braising and pulling or chopping and topping with homemade BBQ sauces such as our hickory bourbon and chipotle pepper BBQ sauce or our new pineapple and rum BBQ sauce. Served as a sandwich with your choice of brioche, hawaiian roll or potato bun. Sandwiches are served with our house cole slaw and applewood bacon beans.

Pre Order and save 1.00 on sandwich combos! plus, we are taking pre orders for 1/2 rack and full racks of baby back ribs, by the pound pulled pork, chicken and beef brisket. Sides are sold by servings of three and are sold separately. 

Come by for a free sample or call us in advance to place an order! 



Someone getting married? Refer a friend, get some bucks!

There is a catch! 75 guests or more and you have to make sure they tell us you sent them! Once they officially book us as their caterer, ask them to give us your information and we will place it on a check for 100.00 and put it directly into the mailbox. Don't worry, you won't be put on a mailing list or bothered in any way, shape or form. Other than your check from us :) 

Been to one of our catered weddings? then you would be the best person to tell your engaged family member or friend about how we did. After all, our catering sales manager Mikkela Jasken liked our food so much, she now works for us! :) 

How about a little bonus to this bonus? We own Portable Pubs Bartending Service ( If they book a full liquor package with their catering, we will add an additional 50.00 to that check. Not bad eh?!

No limitations, you can refer more than one friend and every one of them that book us, you get paid for. So, what do you say we go make some extra bucks!  

Grooms plate from our buffet at The Wright House in Mesa

Grooms plate from our buffet at The Wright House in Mesa

Multiple station buffet at The Castle in Chandler 

Multiple station buffet at The Castle in Chandler