Fall/Winter Parties + Catered Dinner = Pay it Forward

Catering Specials 

Every year we gear up for the holidays by planning family gatherings, company parties, weddings and neighborhood block parties. We, gear up for your parties by developing new menus to offer your guests for these special gatherings and we have some new menu's we'd love to share with you. And this year,  we're gonna put the Chef to work volunteering in the name of your business when you book us for your special event...

Let's start with food! We have lowered prices, but not our standards and have developed new menu items such as the Roasted Squash Cannelloni with toasted cashews & prosciutto, or the Cider braised chicken thighs with roasted pumpkin & sautéed apples with pecans. We've packaged services to streamline the whole process and keep it simple. The menus are inclusive, flexible and offer variety which you will find perfect for your company holiday party or private event. View and save the PDF of our holiday menus below!

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Your booking will benefit others. Find out how below.

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Help Us, Help You, Help Them.

The holiday season brings a sense of  collectivism and this year we have something special in mind that we would love for you to be a part of. 

No matter how strong the economy may be, there will always be a need to help families who struggle, people who are homeless, women and children in shelters. As a 15 year vet of serving the homeless during the holidays, Chef Chris has teamed up with The Midwest Food Bank in Gilbert to form a non profit organization that will continue doing just that . With the assistance of the director of the Arizona division of Midwest, we will hold yearly community dinners for the less fortunate in the best location we can find, using the best volunteers we can rally up, the greatest local farms, and the most talented chef's we can interest in being a part of this organization. We are anticipating a 2019 opening dinner and will share updates as they come in. 

Until then, the best we can do for this holiday season is put Chef Chris to work! so, for every holiday or private party event booked during the holiday season of 75 guests or more, we will schedule the chef to volunteer a shift at the food bank. Whether it's catering a meal for the volunteers, or putting some gloves on and working in the warehouse to package orders to the various soup kitchens and homeless shelters through out the state. One way or another, Chef Chris will work a day at the food bank in the name/sponsorship, of you, or your business and we will even advertise that through social media that your business sponsored that shift. 

So,......help us, help you, help them! Let's make a difference together this year. 

How to book your party? Email us with your event details, we send you a custom quote before the day is over, you call us to discuss details and easy booking can be done online, or come meet us! 

Midwest Food Bank - Gilbert, Arizona Division (https://arizona.midwestfoodbank.org/home)

Midwest Food Bank - Gilbert, Arizona Division (https://arizona.midwestfoodbank.org/home)