Home cooking with Chef Christopher

I experiment with random recipes often enough and some of these end up on our menus, some never do for various reasons. Over the years I have shared a few recipes and having a culinary channel is something I've been wanting to do and will soon enough. For now, I will try to take some time from my schedule to share with you some fun dishes and techniques that I hope you enjoy! Feel free to email me with any questions about the dish! 

While at home today I was hungry and really did not feel like going to the grocery store since i'd been out all day and sun drained. So, I had to work with what I had at home. Pork tenderloin? yeah, I have some of that. Basmati rice? got it! hmm.......few other ingredients available but here is what I came up with. At first I was a tad concerned about how this would work together but was pleasantly surprised at the balance of it. 

Seared pork tenderloin medallions finished with a bourbon Irish butter pan reduction and served with pepperoncini creamed basmati rice. 

Yep, those of you who know us well enough recognize the pepperoncini cream sauce, it's our infamous and most popular chicken dish and it's made it's way to the rice.

The Pork

So this dish is really simple and quick to prepare. I brined my pork medallions in a 2 part salt 1 part sugar brine and added some whole peppercorns and bayleaf. After a few hours I removed them, pat them dry then lightly seasoned them with salt and pepper. Once they were at room temperature I heated my iron skillet and hit it with some olive oil. Just at the moment the oil starts to show signs of smoking just a tad, the oil was ready and I seared those puppies on all sides till nice and golden brown. While searing, I added a fresh thyme sprig and a pad of butter basting the butter and oil mix over the pork as they were searing which aids in moisture retention and keeps that color looking brilliant. Once all sides were seared I pulled them from the heat and popped them in the oven covered at 300*F and pulled them at an internal temperature of 140*F The pork will continue to cook between 5-10* since I then wrapped them in plastic and tin foil allowing them ten minutes of rest time! <---Molto Importante!

 The skillet was removed from the heat right after pulling the pork, so back to that skillet! Drain the excess butter and oil left behind from the pork and back on the heat, medium high. Add a shot or ten of bourbon whiskey......ok just two in this case! ha ha. Reduce by half burning all the alcohol out while intensifying the ingredients of the whiskey that are going to give you all that great flavor. I hit the pan with a cap full of apple cider vinegar, the drippings of the wrapped pork and reduced again till nape (coats the back of a spoon). Now I pull the skillet from the heat, add a pad of irish grass fed butter then onto the plate and top with that nice little pan sauce you just made. Yep, now you're the chef here! Do a good job! 

The rice

One cup of rinsed organic basmati rice to one cup of alkaline water (any water will do). Add a small palm full of jarred pepperoncini peppers and a palm full of chopped parsley, then 1/4 cup of chardonnay wine and 1/4 cup of chicken stock. Cover, turn heat to high and bring to a slow boil. Turn heat to a lowish point once the water starts to boil. Leave covered until the rice has adopted all the moisture then pull from the heat. Once off the heat, fluff the rice while adding an ounce of heavy cream. Serve and finish with fresh pepperoncini peppers and fresh parsley as the garnish. 

Now that you're done eating! hug whoever is next to you whether you like them or not....... God I hope you like them ha ha!! Remember, food is the way to a man's heart, but also to a woman's heart and your children as well! Feed them like you love them and mean it. I hope to be able to share many more recipes with you guys and will let you know as soon as I decide to do a show.