Free Food! Seriously...

Do you order lunch for your team at work!? Do you like food that is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, many of which are grown on Arizona farms such as Hayden Flour, Queen Creek Olive Mill and more? Would you like AMAZING food, that's free to try? Good, we got ya covered. Here, allow us to explain. 

We have been working feverishly to build three new brands, from three chefs, each specializing in the cuisine of their own. As a result, we introduce to you Stone Mill Pasta Co., Red Ember Smokery, and Portable Pubs Grill & Chill. Our special event and wedding menus are in the works, but for now we have our corporate lunch menus online and ready to go. However, we understand that you might not know just how good it will be prior to ordering lunch for your team. So, our answer to that is our new Meal Marketing program. Twice a month we will be delivering a sample which will feed three people, from each of our three brands. Each chef will choose which item they would like to showcase to you. We, cook, we deliver it to you, you eat, you'll probably and quickly call us back to put in your first order! That easy.... (Order here)


Who is Arizona Event Catering? Who are these new brands? What's going on here? 

A lot of you already know Arizona Event Catering and Portable Pubs Cocktail Catering. We have been catering weddings, special events, corporate lunches in the valley since 2006. Our menus have been general to the industry for the most part. However, executive chef and founder Chef Chris is Italian and grew up in a family who owned a chain of well known Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Italian cuisine is his passion and you'll soon find out how much so. With two other very experienced chef's working on his team for the past 5 years, both with individual culinary passions of their own, Chef Chris decided to embrace those specialties and take them to the next level. As a result, we now have "3 chefs, 3 brands, 1 company. We would love to tell you more but there is still more in the stages of development at this moment! 

We currently work with teams of 20 or more employees. That will change as the volume increases. Weekly or bi-weekly orders with some volume will be offered an awards program to keep your budget in check. Special event menu booking of 100 guests or more will be awarded with a lunch delivery for 10 guests for free, 200 guests will be awarded a lunch deliver for 20 for free! Hey, we're gonna be best friends here, seriously! 

We look forward to meeting you and your team!

Chef Chris, Jason & Sean