Thank you to our Brides & Grooms

As wedding season comes to a slow we've brushed off the dust and sat in front of the highlight reel of our 10th year in the wedding catering business. Now summer is upon us and a great time to go through and develop new menus and fun stuff to do for next year as well as look at the previous weddings and see where we could have done better. All fun stuff to do as a business owner and absolutely necessary in becoming a better company.

However, this year something really hit me to the core about this season that I may have noticed in previous seasons, but not to this degree. We had so many special couples this year with amazing stories of love that showed in every moment we spent with them prior to their weddings, and certainty shined at the wedding as well. I don't know if we just got super lucky this year or if there is something in the air but it was an inspiration to be a part of and watch them from the planning process to joining families together in such a way that I felt compelled to write about this. Hopefully this is a sign for more successful marriages for the years to come! 

As the executive chef and owner of Arizona Event Catering, I wanted to personally thank you for not only choosing us to be a part of your special day, I also wanted to thank you for the personal notes to me and my team of appreciation, for the inspiration I personally took from watching two individuals so in love, join each other for a life we wish nothing more than absolute happiness and longevity. 

Chef Christopher
Arizona Event Catering