Getting Ready For Another Great Wedding At Noahs of Chandler

Christina & team at Noah's are some of our favorite people to work with. This is one of the first facilities that we catered a wedding at. 

This small wedding of 70 guests wanted simple and affordable without compromising quality and that's exactly what they got. A buffet with an integrated chef manned action station where their guest had three choices for their chicken entree explained, topped & finished by Chef Chris himself. They also had a pasta entree, grilled garden vegetables, house dinner salad with our award winning creamy Italian dressing, assorted artisan "sauce mops," and some refreshments that we tossed in for free. They also had some desserts set out after dinner with an assortment of fresh house made cinnamon cannoli's topped with Callebaut chocolate drizzle & powdered sugar , fresh apple cobbler & chocolate mousse cups with fresh raspberries.  

Were they happy? well I can always tell that a crowd is pleased by how many people come up for seconds and in this case we had about 60% of the wedding party back up for seconds and some for thirds. But I don't typically give in to assumptions so I always like to walk the tables afterwards and say hi to my dinners and ask how their meal was and the feed back was fantastic. It's the number one motivator to remain in this difficult but rewarding business. 

So, lets take a break and watch a some "Iphone" footage of our team getting ready for the wedding hours before the wedding party arrives.