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For a few years now I've been trying to figure out a way to give a gift to a couple who have been delaying their wedding due to finances, without looking like we are trying to exploit this gesture for publicity. I tried calling news stations, radio stations, I even reached out to Dave Ramsey! I asked them  "how can I advertise this while remaining anonymous and not advertising and can you help me with this?" They wouldn't even respond to my emails or calls and here I was trying to give away a wedding catering package for free! I was soooo confused! Almost giving up on this I recently came up with a simple solution that I feel will preserve the integrity of its intent by giving the reigns of the gift, to our brides who are more fortunate. 

Beginning today (April 11th, 2016), for every wedding that we book 100 guests or more, we will deposit 100.00 into a special account which will be used to pay the bill for a special couple that you helped have their special wedding. Once enough has been preserved in this account to accommodate the tab for a 100 guest wedding package, we will find our lucky couple. Once we find this couple and book their wedding, we will notify all brides who took part in this special gift and present them to the group.  

We are excited to get this program under way and very much look forward to working the first gift wedding sponsored by the special people who made it happen, including you.