Beef vs Chicken Carving Station!

As we start booking many weddings for the following season during the summer, we have noticed a trend. People just like beef and chicken! I know, crazy right!? Actually, not really all that crazy considering Beef and Chicken are the two most consumed meats in the US according to  USDA ERS Food Availability (Per Capita) Data System and the Agricultural Research Service National Agricultural Library

But there's a new trend in the US! according to Angela Wong of The Earth Policy Institute, chicken has taken over beef for the first time in over 100 years! Source: Earth Policy Institute. Credit: Angela Wong / NPR

I know what you're thinking......"what the heck does this have to do with my wedding or special event?! Everything!!!!! Beef wants revenge on chicken and they are facing off in our buffet ring so that we can test this data! No, we kid you ha ha. But seriously, what we have found is that our most popular package for the past three years was chicken and pasta. But this year, our newest addition to the wedding packages called "The Dueling Stations." is ranking in at #1 and for a great reason. This buffet/chef manned station offers chicken and roasted beef "BOTH," carved to order for your guests. And the kicker? it also gives them two homemade sauces to choose from for each. Yep, 2 for each including such favorites as our famous horseradish cream, a nice terragon bearnaise or our red wine & shallot demi. Those are only a few of the options you'll get to choose from to conclude 2 sauces for your beef, and 2 for your chicken. This will be served with your choice of 2 sides, dinner salad, two dressings, bread and butter. Not bad eh? Actually it's pretty awesome. So tell your fiance, boss, parents and get on our calendar that is filling up quickly!

Chef Christopher 

Free Food! Seriously...

Do you order lunch for your team at work!? Do you like food that is made from scratch using fresh ingredients, many of which are grown on Arizona farms such as Hayden Flour, Queen Creek Olive Mill and more? Would you like AMAZING food, that's free to try? Good, we got ya covered. Here, allow us to explain. 

We have been working feverishly to build three new brands, from three chefs, each specializing in the cuisine of their own. As a result, we introduce to you Stone Mill Pasta Co., Red Ember Smokery, and Portable Pubs Grill & Chill. Our special event and wedding menus are in the works, but for now we have our corporate lunch menus online and ready to go. However, we understand that you might not know just how good it will be prior to ordering lunch for your team. So, our answer to that is our new Meal Marketing program. Twice a month we will be delivering a sample which will feed three people, from each of our three brands. Each chef will choose which item they would like to showcase to you. We, cook, we deliver it to you, you eat, you'll probably and quickly call us back to put in your first order! That easy.... (Order here)


Who is Arizona Event Catering? Who are these new brands? What's going on here? 

A lot of you already know Arizona Event Catering and Portable Pubs Cocktail Catering. We have been catering weddings, special events, corporate lunches in the valley since 2006. Our menus have been general to the industry for the most part. However, executive chef and founder Chef Chris is Italian and grew up in a family who owned a chain of well known Italian restaurants and pizzerias. Italian cuisine is his passion and you'll soon find out how much so. With two other very experienced chef's working on his team for the past 5 years, both with individual culinary passions of their own, Chef Chris decided to embrace those specialties and take them to the next level. As a result, we now have "3 chefs, 3 brands, 1 company. We would love to tell you more but there is still more in the stages of development at this moment! 

We currently work with teams of 20 or more employees. That will change as the volume increases. Weekly or bi-weekly orders with some volume will be offered an awards program to keep your budget in check. Special event menu booking of 100 guests or more will be awarded with a lunch delivery for 10 guests for free, 200 guests will be awarded a lunch deliver for 20 for free! Hey, we're gonna be best friends here, seriously! 

We look forward to meeting you and your team!

Chef Chris, Jason & Sean 

Cocktail Catering, Hors D'Oeuvres Menus & American Fusion Full Service Catering

Our sister company Portable Pubs Cocktail Catering has evolved! Chef Sean Roe has developed American fusion menus including our wing store, slider store, our hors d'oeuvres menus and full service wedding menus (coming soon). Weather you are planning a backyard party, corporate meeting, or simple lunch delivery for the team, these menus are worth checking out!  Visit the website and call us for a consultation and quote.

Holiday Party? It's not too late for Catering!

Dueling Stations are here! 

Chicken Vs Beef in this powerhouse of a menu that your guests will love! We start out with lightly seasoned and grilled chicken and pair that with 3 toppings/sauces giving your guest 4 choices for their chicken alone. That in and of itself is what we like to call "good stuff." But the plot thickens as they now have a choice to do the same thing with tender roasted beef carved to order on site with three options for their sauce as well. This interactive station is full of flavor, options and favorable to the typical buffet. Our team will not only serve, we will carve and top your guests entree plus garnish them as well. Come check out the menu and have our team of culinary specialists be a part of your holiday event or upcoming wedding.  See the menu here!

Italian Pasta Station For Your Holiday Party!

One of our most popular buffets is our pasta build station. Let your guests choose from one of three pasta types which is then passed on to our second culinary assistant who will toss their pasta with one of three condiment choices! Next, we pass it on to the executive chef who will finish/garnish your dish. It's an affordable and fun way to give your guests multiple choices prepared fresh by our culinary team and executive Chef Chris who specializes in Italian cuisine.

Only available in full service catering. Bar services available as well! Come see the menu and get a quote and menu consultation by calling us now. 480-420-4040.

Pricing starts at 10.00 per guest and varies depending on guest count. 

Holiday Catering Specials!

Corporate & private party catering with us during the holiday season is simple and delicious! Foods made entirely from scratch using fresh ingredients and various menus to choose from such as our Italian, BBQ & classic hearty menus which skip the illusion of perceived value and give real value by using high quality ingredients, preparing everything fresh in our commercial kitchen, and always sending your meal immediately from our ovens to your home or business. 

We provide full service or drop off service with menus for all budgets. We also provide holiday hors d'oeuvres for your more casual event. Call us now for a quote! 

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Summer Catering Specials

Summertime in Arizona is just about as hot as the vine on our newest BBQ menus brought to you by decorated pit master Chef Jason & Chef Christopher of Arizona Event Catering. So, we've put together a few classic catering dishes and lowered the prices through August, solidified our newest smokery menu and combined the two for one hot deal on catering for any type of small or large event & lunch order. 

We deliver & we can provide full service catering for special events. Come take a look at this menu and call us today!